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Review of Mindspace Ehad Ha'amTo the full review

Review of Mindspace Ehad Ha'am

Mindspace opened the first Rothschild branch three years ago, to which the Ahad Ha'am branch later joined and will soon open the new Herzliya Pituach branch, which is jointly owned by the three of them - a central location. Whether it is in the middle of Rothschild Boulevard bustling businesses and companies or the Herzliya branch located in the heart of the high-tech industry. We went out to check what they were offering, who are the renters and why you should contact them.

Ppl's ReviewTo the full review

Ppl's Review

This week we set out to review a new complex that is about to be opened in Rishon LeZion in the coming days. We checked who is it for, what it offers as an added value to tenants, where to park and of course how does it pamper the customers?

WeWork Sarona ReviewTo the full review

WeWork Sarona Review

140 locations in the world, 6 of them in Israel, 4 in Tel Aviv only, and the hand it's not the end! WEWORK is one of the world's largest chains of co-working spaces. Here you will not feel like you are renting a position in a cold complex. Here you will feel that you are a member (renter in WEWORK's terminology). You will feel that you are part of a very large, warm and cooperative community.

Merkspace Karlibach reviewTo the full review

Merkspace Karlibach review

This week we visited Merkspace Karlibach work space, one of 4 Merkspace branches located in Tel Aviv (the compound is located at 10 Karlibach Street, very close to the Merkspace on 65 Begin street). The compounds were opened by Sapir Shpigel, a young entrepreneur who told us that the chain's international branch in Amsterdam would soon be opened.

Merkspace Begin - reviewTo the full review

Merkspace Begin - review

Merkspace was founded about a year and a half ago by Sapir Shpigel, a young entrepreneur. The company currently has 4 branches in Israel (two are in the center of Tel Aviv - Karlibach 10 branch, Menachem Begin 65 branch, and two branches at Atidim Deborah Hanevia 121). This week, the fourth branch in Kiryat Atidim, called Olympia Zone, was opened and adapted to sports entrepreneurs. In July, the first international branch will be opened in Amsterdam.

Ayeka ReviewTo the full review

Ayeka Review

We were intrigued to know who these AYEKA and how pampering their compound really is. So we went to check and found a real treat, and amazingly, in south Tel Aviv.

Spaces ReviewTo the full review

Spaces Review

Spaces, a co-working space purchased by international Regus, came straight from the Netherlands to Herzliya Pituah. We went to check out what a Dutch-style complex is and whether it has become similar to Regus other Riggs branches across the country.

WeWork Herzliya ReviewTo the full review

WeWork Herzliya Review

We thought to take advantage of the fact that we are working in one of the known compounds in the co-working spaces market and to check who is WeWork Herzliya, and what everyone is talking about.

Review - Aggam Herzliya PituachTo the full review

Review - Aggam Herzliya Pituach

We were in the "Aggam Compound" - a quiet and homely work space in the middle of the bustle of Herzliya Pituach - in order to check what is going on in a cooperative complex designed for designers and creators

Review - hubz Ramat HaChayalTo the full review

Review - hubz Ramat HaChayal

We went out to check out hubz, one of the new and talked about places in the co-working spaces market, located in the heart of Tel Aviv's high-tech.

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