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Rothschild 45, tel aviv, Center, Israel
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Mindspace Rotschild Mindspace Rotschild Mindspace Rotschild Mindspace Rotschild Mindspace Rotschild Mindspace Rotschild

About Mindspace Rotschild

Mindspace Rothschild, the first of the Mindspace office complexes in Israel, includes internet, cleaning services, a fully equipped kitchen, meeting rooms and a variety of public areas for hosting, community management, mentoring services, lectures and social evenings. The complex is designed as a hang-out place, with the idea that design is an important part of the package that workplaces offer, and is different starting point. The rental complex is on a monthly basis.

The kitchen features a coffee and sparkling water bar

The public spaces include the shared work spaces, the varied seating areas and the kitchen.

Space types and prices

Meeting Room

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪250/hour
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Private office for 2

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪4,500/month
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Private office for 3

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪5,500/month
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Private Minister for 4

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪7,200/month
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Private office for 5

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪9,000/month
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Private office for 6

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪10,500/month
More details>
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Private office for 7

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪12,000/month
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Spice warm table

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪1,000/month
More details>

Stood in a spicy manner

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From ₪1,650/month
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Conference room for 6 people

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪250/hour
More details>

Conference room for 8 people

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪250/hour
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Event space for 100 people

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪500/hour
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  • ‏Close to train station
  • ‏Close to bus station
  • ‏Free parking
  • ‏Dog-friendly
  • ‏Mentors meetings
  • ‏Happy hour
  • ‏Soft drinks
  • ‏Beer
  • ‏Snacks
  • ‏Wifi
  • ‏Printing services
  • ‏Staff
  • ‏Showers
  • ‏Open on saturday
  • ‏Open on friday
  • ‏Open 24/7
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  • ‏Gym
  • ‏Swimming pool
  • ‏Sport classes
  • ‏No commitment
  • ‏1 day min.
  • ‏1 week min.
  • ‏1 month min.
  • ‏2 months min.
  • ‏City residents only
  • ‏Designers only
  • ‏Requires a screening Interview
  • ‏Social ventures only
  • ‏Technological ventures only
  • ‏Worldwide access

Map of the area

Video of Mindspace Rotschild

Where to eat

The area has a great variety of restaurants, as befits the center of Tel Aviv in general and Rothschild Street in particular.

Street Food Restaurant by Chef Avi Levy Wins Master Chef.
A Tel Aviv Italian restaurant that offers a warm, romantic and especially affordable experience
Butchers, a shop and a sandwich bar of the Merindo meat restaurant chain.
An Italian restaurant that combines breakfast and a wide range of fresh salads and pastries.
Hamburger restaurant chain

About MindSpace

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Mindspace is a creative and unique workspace designed for a community of people who want to do exciting things together. The company was founded in 2013 by two partners: Dan Zakai, who serves as CEO, and Yotam Elroi, who is in charge of business development, who are based in Mindbase: entrepreneurs, independents, start-ups, designers, small and medium-sized companies, Inspired by MindSpace, the concept of a joint office has been combined with flexibility and financial savings, with offices designed and a sense of community, and MindSpace believes that in a city like Tel Aviv there is a great demand for such a product and that the concept presents a new niche in the office market in Tel Aviv.


epic (24/02/20)

Shared work space really nice and invested. An atmosphere of action and fun to work from.

Great place


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Eyal Lorin (10/07/17)

Great place. Very nicely decorated in a perfect location. Smaller than that of the people and more intimate.

Location design atmosphere

There is no disadvantage of a perfect place

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Internet speed

220Mb Upload
178Mb Download

The internet speed at Mindspace Rotschild is faster then the average coworking spaces internet speed.
The average internet speed is 64 Mbs upload and 63 Mbs download.

* The speed test was done over the Wifi network on the 19/12/2019

Opening hours

Open 24/7 including Saturdays and holidays

Opening hours
Staff hours
Monday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Friday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Saturday 24 hoursWithout
Sunday 24 hoursWithout


The Ahad Ha'am Mindspace complex is centrally located in Tel Aviv and allows very convenient access for those arriving by car, bus, train or bicycle.


The closest bus stops to the complex are Rothschild / Nachmani and Allenby / Rothschild stations, a 3-4 minute walk away.


For the well-wishers, you can walk about 30 minutes to the compound from the Shalom train station. To get there by bus from the train station, get off at Tel Aviv Central and take line 5, or get off at Bel Aviv Hashalom and take lines 23,21.

Private car

The fastest way to reach the complex by car is via the Ayalon Road, exit at the La Guardia interchange, continue on the train street to the west, turn left to Levontin, right to Mikve Israel, right to Allenby and right to Ahad Ha'am.


There are several parking lots in the area within a short walking distance: Nachmani parking lot, Ehad Ha'am parking lot, Central Park Yavne parking lot, Yehuda Halevi parking lot 69, Beit Hadar parking lot. Monthly parking in the parking lot for members - 900 NIS Daily parking in the building 130 NIS. Daily Seder - Yavneh Parking Lot 31 - Central Park 55 NIS


The complex has the option of storing bicycles, in addition there are two bicycle rental stations a short walk from the complex, one at Rothschild 65 and the other at Rothschild 36.

Estimate arrival time by car (Waze)

19 PM18 PM9 AM8 AM
Kfar Saba
17 min 19 min 21 min 16 min
Rishon West
40 min 48 min 41 min 44 min
Petah Tikva
27 min 31 min 35 min 28 min
Kiryat Ono
23 min 25 min 33 min 26 min
Tel Aviv North
17 min 19 min 21 min 16 min

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From the press

A visit to Mindspace in Rothschild: bar atmosphere, phone booths and free clipping

Swallows have popped up here and there, but this year they are here in a big way: invested and inviting workspaces, where you can sit without a long-term commitment. First article in the series about the new offices.

To the full article at Xnet

Rent the fantasy

The entrance to the Mindspace complex on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv distills the essence of the new work spaces that are popping up all over the city. The complex is located on the first floor of a completely normal office tower, but once you are ejected from the elevator the casual tower atmosphere changes into fantasy. In an instant you're leaving the Mediterranean city and standing in a quasi-neglected warehouse in the Hipster Ghetto in Brooklyn, the kind where a group of artists turned into a studio apartment and set up a hot, budgeted start-up.

To the full article at כלכליסט

Free your Mind: A dress code is worn on Mind Space

Documentation of the startups sitting in Mind Space on Rothschild Avenue in the most groovy place in town. Summer dresses, yellow bermuda, equal accessories and especially lovely guys. Who said startupists don't flow?

To the full article at גיקטיים

The joint space company MindSpace has raised 15 million d.

Dan Zakai, co-founder and CEO: "Companies like us do not have to be technology companies to be priced as such"

To the full article at גלובס

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Tobias Oswald
Tomer Dean

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Nimrod Partush

Good location if you live in the area, good amenities, nice design, but too dark.

Eric Schudy

nice (if pricey) working space

Yuval Giveon

Great location. More of the same type of co working space. No draft beer tho. IMO wework spaces are slightly better.

Chris Schlude

Beautiful location in the heart of Tel Aviv and less crowded than WeWork. On the other hand there is less support (App will be available Q1 2018) and less Community feeling.

Dave Seinfeld

good location parking a problem and excpensive

Adi Dagan

Nice and elegant

Miriam Schwab

Great location, good vibes, nice design.

Jonathan Gan

Been here for an event on their roof top. Really nice view of Tel-Aviv, including the magnificent sunset on the Mediterranean Sea. The place is nice, not too big. Easy to find and access. Plenty of parking options around the area. Stuff we're nice and welcoming. Enjoy :)

Konstan Sch

Unfortunately, when I turned up for the tour that I had booked via the website, nobody was there. I booked another tour a few days later. I had a very nice conversation with the manager. They had available spaces. I wanted to get a month membership. After the meeting I received an email telling me that they can't give me the membership because they only do minimum 1 month memberships. This is strange because I wanted the 1 month membership and wanted to pay for a full month. I replied asking, if there had been a misunderstanding, because I'd be very happy with a 1 month membership but I never received a reply. This means that if you're only looking for something short term, I'd advise you not to waste your time with Mindspace. The office looks pretty stylish though and it's probably nice to work there.

Bart Van den Bosch

Start up nation central invited us here. Love the concept and they seem to have quite an impressive turn out of successful companies. The offices are very cosy and have more the atmosphere of a house.

Michal H

Very nice, hip, trendy office meeting space.

Moises Zack

Wonderful shared workplace, very nicely designed, great refreshments, and an awesome roof with killer views!

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News from coworking spaces in

Mindspace increases the Rothschild branch

Mindspace increases the Rothschild branch

Mindspace, the co-working spaces chain, has rented four additional floors of 3,500 sq.m. in Zion House on Rothschild Boulevard and will increase the existing Rothschild branch to 5,200 sq.m.
The opening of the new space is expected at the beginning of next year.

Mindspace opens a new branch in Poland

Mindspace opens a new branch in Poland

The complex will be built in Warsaw and is expected to accommodate about 450 members. It is expected to open this year in October

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