Seven of the most special co-working spaces in the world

Climbing wall, surfing classes, camping and sailing in the far east - join us for a tour around the world in some of the most unique and original co-working spaces we have found

Writen by : Spacing | 06-09-17

Pankhasari Retreat - West Bengal, India

The co-working space is located in West Bengal and includes residential, business, sports and agricultural facilities. The project was created to promote long-term tourism in the region in a process involving local residents and craftsmen. It was built using bio-climatic principles from local materials, designed, among other things, to protect its inhabitants from extreme weather conditions. The complex provides extensive work facilities, high-speed Internet connection and especially favorable conditions to be a good reason for international travelers to stay longer in the isolated area and connect it to the world. And if all this is not convincing enough - the complex is located in the Himalayas, between the waterfalls and rivers, overlooking the world's most beautiful view.

CampSyte - San Francisco, USA

People who spend a lot of time outside are said to be happier, healthier and perhaps smarter. But who has time in our days both to work and to travel a lot? That's exactly why Campsite was founded. 
Campsite is a co-working space located on a San Francisco camping ground and is intended for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for a combination of work and nature. 
At Campsite you can rent a vintage caravan for an hour or a month (at $ 5- $ 35) and work with a sense of camping. High-speed internet, fully equipped kitchen, happy hours - all these and more.

CoBoat - Phuket, Thailand

Co-boat is a very special co-working space, as it is located on a ship that drives its inhabitants between various destinations in the east. The complex offers room for 20 passengers, accommodation in shared cabins and even sailing lessons on board. For $ 1,100, the boat's passengers enjoy internet access, meals, daily excursions, kayaking, diving and more. The cruise begins in Phuket, Thailand and passes through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. There is no doubt that spending time at sea with other entrepreneurs and freelancers can produce interesting collaborations...


Brooklyn Boulders - USA

Half a co-working space and half a climbing wall, this compound's location is probably the least conventional - at the top of a climbing wall that rises to 22 meters. The tables overlook other climbers making their way up the climbing wall. The tenants can make an appointment on the wall or just climb for fun. With the cost ranges from $ 25 per day to $ 1150 per year, members enjoy spacious climbing areas, yoga classes, coffee shop, sauna, community events and of course wifi.

The Surf Office - Portugal and the Canarian islands

The next compound is called The Surf Office, and it is exactly what it sounds like! 
This is a work space that allows you to surf whenever you want, of course, if you do not have surfing capabilities, you can study on the spot. The main complex is located in Lisbon and is 25 minutes by train, while the second center is in the Canary Islands and is directly on the beach. Surfing itself is not a necessary condition to enter the compound, it is only a bonus. Only 30% of renters in Lisbon surfers, compared to 65% of renters in the Canary Islands. Rent starts from $ 73 per day per room, and even less if you decide to share the room with another tenant. The kitchen is fully equipped, the price does not include food but you will find lots of restaurants on the street.

Remote Year

A mobile co-working space, bringing together 50-80 freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals, and takes them on a one-year journey to work and travel. During the journey, passengers live in 12 different destinations around the world, working on their personal projects. Apart from handling all the logistics of travel and accommodation, the program also provides a shared working space, internet, tours and various activities. By the way, the journey that took place last June is expected to pass in Morocco, Colombia and Serbia. Of course, in each of the destinations where the journey takes place, the passengers have access to local co-working spaces. All this pleasure will cost you "only" $ 27,000.

Hacker Paradise

The Paradise Hacker is a program of organized tours all over the world for developers, designers and entrepreneurs interested in traveling while working on personal projects. The program provides accommodation, a work environment, and a community, so all that remains for passengers to do is board the plane and be productive. Trips usually take about three months, but you can join a short two-week trip. The total cost ranges from $ 300 to $ 600, depending on the duration of your stay, but for those with a large expense - you can save money by sharing the room with other passengers or by volunteering for several hours a week. 
The flight schedule contains various destinations around the world such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Tokyo, Berlin and Portugal.

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