4 co-working spaces in Rishon Letzion

The proximity to Tel Aviv, the abundance of restaurants, and endless parking spaces are just some of the reasons to move your work to Rishon Letzion. Come see the new compounds the city offers you!

Writen by : Spacing | 06-09-17



Ppl's complex, which covers 800 square meters, was built in order to provide a solution for residents of Rishon Letzion who are looking for co-working spaces close to home. Ppl's believe that the place
belongs to the tenants, and not the other way around, this is reflected in the homey feeling you get
when you arrive at the compound - the place is very bright, the decor is pleasant, the terrace is inviting and much more. The complex offers fully equipped private offices, open-space, meeting rooms, lounges and many office facilities. The residents of the complex enjoy special events, lectures, sports and happy hours. 
The complex is located in the western part of Rishon Lezion, close to the Zahav Mall, restaurants and many places of entertainment.

Ppl's - 4 Eliezer Mazal street



Dogether is a 1700-square-foot co-working space designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and independents. Dogether places emphasis on creating a dynamic and collaborative community, cross-fertilization, brainstorming, and many collaborations. The complex includes fully equipped private offices and shared meeting areas, and the tenants will enjoy workshops, lectures and many activities that will ensure that they will not be bored for a moment. 
Another prominent advantage in Dogether is the location of the compound in Azrieli Rishonim - a central environment for many businesses and a railway station that makes accessibility to the complex particularly convenient.

Dogether - 2 Nim Boulevard




Techome provides a workplace for entrepreneurs, founders and technical people from all walks of life. At Techome you can rent a work station in the open-space or a private office and hold meetings in the conference room. Techome's goal is to make the place's tenants successful and outstanding entrepreneurs, which is why they receive a highly professional envelope - lectures by leading professionals, networking, trainings, meetings with mentors and investors, and a link to companies and other industries operating in the city.

Techome - 10 Saharov street




Offix offers its tenants a luxurious, quiet and intimate work environment. In an all-inclusive program, you can rent in Offix a fully equipped private office or an open-space spot, and invite your customers to a meeting in exclusive conference rooms. By the way, all the work spaces in the complex received a different design inspired by major cities in the world such as New York, Beijing, Sydney, Amsterdam Budapest and even Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Offix takes pride in the fact that since they occupy a few tenants in the complex, they create strong business and social ties. Another branch is expected to open in the western part of the city.

Offix - 24 Freiman Yaakov street


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