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122 Coworking spaces in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

A nonstop city of creativity, business, technology, design, rhythm, and successes. Tel Aviv is the center of the world for many companies and entrepreneurs. defeats most of the world's locations in terms of entrepreneurship,

and competes well in New York, Berlin and San francisco. This is the ultimate place for co-working spaces with a variety of attractive locations.
40 Coworking spaces in Jerusalem


The capital of Israel is becoming more attractive to entrepreneurs and young companies. The JVP incubator, the siftech accelerator, the high-tech area in Har Hotzvim, the dozens of new restaurants and bars that opened, the Mahane Yehuda market, which became the focus of pilgrimage day and night, the Hebrew University on all its campuses, and especially sanctity and a breathtaking view - all these make Jerusalem an ultimate location to create and initiate it.
21 Coworking spaces in Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan

The city of Israel's towers, with an industrial and hi-tech area that is high. Huge companies, dozens of restaurants, 5 minutes from Tel Aviv, great friendliness to entrepreneurs and companies and excellent transportation. Many say Ramat Gan is Dublin, and Tel Aviv is London. Ireland is here.
17 Coworking spaces in Haifa


Within walking distance from the sea, in the Matam area, are the giant development centers of Google, Microsoft, Intel and Apple. Haifa inspires and creates many entrepreneurs and start-ups, both Jewish and Arab, from all over the north.
16 Coworking spaces in Rishon Lezion

Rishon Lezion

The city, which is rapidly developing into the fourth largest city in Israel, the wine capital, a touch away from Tel Aviv, full of students and young families, proximity to the sea and a creative atmosphere and achievement. The shared offices and the developed industrial zones - provide a convenient experience for every entrepreneur.
14 Coworking spaces in Herzliya


The capital of high-tech and technology of Israel. Within a short distance from Tel Aviv, the smell of sea and sun, dozens of excellent restaurants and proximity to many of the venture capital funds in Israel. Herzliya is the most developed city in terms of modern office buildings, global companies, bright shared office spaces, streets filled with entrepreneurs, and many transportation routes. Many of the national pride of Israeli industry began in Herzliya.
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Five best co-working spaces in Tel Aviv

Five best co-working spaces in Tel Aviv

It is hard to remain indifferent to the wave of work spaces opening in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv. The amazing supply and abundance only increase the challenge of finding the right space for you. But still among all the work spaces there are five prominent and most wanted - we brought them to you in the next article

Wifi, beer, print services - OUT. Swimming pool, game room and a babysitter - IN.

Wifi, beer, print services - OUT. Swimming pool, game room and a babysitter - IN.

We have chosen for you 5 coworking spaces that offer the most unique upgrades

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