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We were intrigued to know who these AYEKA and how pampering their compound really is. So we went to check and found a real treat, and amazingly, in south Tel Aviv.

Written by : Spacing | 22-05-17 | Ayeka

Bottom Line

A spectacular place with an amazing atmosphere, but expensive compared to other surrounding compounds.
Suitable for those who love the area and can afford to part with a respectable amount to get the added value that the place offers, like a pool and a gym

If you are looking for a particularly pampering work space, AYEKA is the place for you.

AYEKA, a new co-working space in Tel Aviv, located in the seam between Neve Tzedek and Florentine, is one of the most prestigious and luxurious work spaces,
The complex is located in a new building above the residential floors, and even includes a gym and swimming pool. 
As of today, its only branch is in Florentine, but the company plans to open additional compounds in Haifa, Jerusalem, Amsterdam, London, New York and Singapore.

AYEKA - Where are you?

AYEKA was founded by Sharon Chen, CEO and founder of the complex. AYEKA ("Where are you?") Is taken from the Torah, and in fact expresses the question of the location of our desires, tasks, and goals, and the growth of people and companies stems from the questioning of questions. 
For AYEKA, the growth of people and companies stems from asking questions and that is also what describes AYEKA's vision.

A winning combination of life and work

AYEKA reinforces the widespread and profitable trend on the basis of which joint work spaces have been established - combining the work space and life, and taking it one step further. The balance and encounter between the worlds provides AYEKA by a fitness room, a rooftop pool and a large Jacuzzi on a narrow terrace surrounded by a garden, with panoramic sea views and Neve Tzedek, all of which can be enjoyed freely by the tenants. 
Besides leisure services and activities, such as the happy hour, AYEKA offers an additional layer in terms of community assistance. The "Speed ​​Date" initiative, a meeting between start-ups and potential investors, for business accompaniment and mentoring to the companies in it.

What's in the complex

The complex covers 1,800 square meters, offers 56 private rooms of various sizes, an open space with 20 work stations, meeting rooms, a photography and recording studio and a café with a health bar. All these surround the central patio, which gives the inner space plenty of light, and creates an outdoor space with a private garden. 
In addition, there is a cinema room and a photography room equipped with special, green screen equipment, which are offered freely to the tenants.

חדר כושר

חדר כושר

חדר צילום לשימוש השוכרים במתחם

חדר צילום לשימוש השוכרים במתחם

חדר ישיבות

חדר ישיבות

Design and atmosphere

The large R shaped block, in which the offices of AYEKA are located, sits on a high stage alongside the old buildings in the area, emphasizing AYEKA's splendor and unique design inspired by street art typical of the Neve Tzedek area and Florentine. The design of the complex combines elements of the two neighborhoods, the roughness of Florentine and the European launch of Neve Tzedek, contribute to the unique design of AYEKA.

In fact, the design dimension inspired by the location is going to accompany AYEKA in all its future branches to the opening, so each space will be inspired by its environment. The complex has design and impressive conference rooms, named after neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, such as a meeting room called "Florentine".
The place is built of many windows, high ceiling and wide corridors designed to give a sense of spacious and bright space.

Target audience

The target audience that AYEKA turns to also distinguishes it from other workplaces. 
The target audience is technological at its core, but alongside it is a mix of independent media, design, art and entrepreneurship. Freelancers such as directors,
designers, media people, writers and photographers, which explains the video and film rooms offered in the complex.


Rental prices in AYEKA range from NIS 1,600 a month to a work position in the open-space, and NIS 2,300 to NIS 2,600 for a private office. 
Prices are relatively high for the market, but the proceeds accordingly.

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Internet speed

60Mb Upload
58Mb Download

The internet speed at Ayeka is slower then the average coworking spaces internet speed.
The average internet speed is 64 Mbs upload and 63 Mbs download.

* The speed test was done over the Wifi network on the

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