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We thought to take advantage of the fact that we are working in one of the known compounds in the co-working spaces market and to check who is WeWork Herzliya, and what everyone is talking about.

Written by : Spacing | 09-05-17 | WeWork Herzliya

Bottom Line

A beautiful and large place with a vibrant and young atmosphere for those who love a work environment that combines quiet corners with a more noisy and mass atmosphere.
The staff in the complex is kind and pleasant and its presence in the complex provides an immediate response to any questions / requests.
The number of meeting rooms and kitchenettes is large and their location is easily accessible. The public spaces are spacious, varied and pampering. But the private rooms are a bit small.

"To own nothing and to have access to everything" (Noiman)

WeWork is a co-working space company and one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. The company was founded in 2010 by Adam Noiman and Miguel Macloy, in order to meet the dynamic needs that characterize the labor market today.

WeWork Herzliya, the second branch to open in Israel and one of the six WeWork sites operating in Israel, opened in 2015 and currently has 700 members. 
The complex is located at 1 Aryeh Shenkar Street in Herzliya Pituach, north of Tel Aviv, and is located at the entrance to the industrial zone of Herzliya Pituach, where the world's leading hi-tech companies are located, including Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.

Innovative hi-tech atmosphere

One of the most prominent things in the complex is the high-tech atmosphere and the stratospheric heterogeneity that characterizes the place. 
The design of the place is innovative and modern. The place is furnished with urban furniture and concept images scattered throughout the complex. There are sofas and luxurious seating areas in every corner you come to, and music playing in the background throughout the day. In addition, there is a pleasant back porch where you can relax in during the day or at the end of it.
The design and atmosphere reflect WeWork's vision - a vibrant, young, creative and productive work environment. And the most important - community, just like on the kibbutz.

What's in the compound?

The complex is equipped with modern infrastructure and technology. The Internet speed in the complex is very high for those who put emphasis on that,
printing services, office equipment, private telephone booths, meeting rooms and rest areas. The place is always clean, thanks to the cleaning services that operate in the kitchen and the staff in the compound from 9:00 to 18:00. The kitchens on each floor are equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine (the complex does not provide capsules for the machine), an electric kettle, and there is milk, sugar, soft drinks, coffee and beer.
HAPPY HOUR takes place once a week, lectures and conferences of external companies that are hosted in the compound. Usually there is also refreshment.

How to get there?

You can reach the place by the bus that stops in front of / near the front of the building, a train, a private car or even a bicycle.
The complex offers paid parking for NIS 600 per month.

WeWork Herzliya
WeWork Herzliya WeWork Herzliya WeWork Herzliya WeWork Herzliya WeWork Herzliya WeWork Herzliya

Internet speed

170Mb Upload
107Mb Download

The internet speed at WeWork Herzliya is faster then the average coworking spaces internet speed.
The average internet speed is 64 Mbs upload and 63 Mbs download.

* The speed test was done over the Wifi network on the 02/02/2020

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