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More and more freelancers are discovering the benefits of co-working spaces Ronit Morgenstern

Writen by : Spacing | 06-09-17

Renting work spaces has become a trend that has been growing at a great pace in recent years. It is estimated that there are about 150 such complexes in Israel, one third of them in Tel Aviv and the rest in the center, but even in the more distant periphery, the co-working spaces are being discovered, which are growing in increasing numbers.

The work space complexes initially attracted mostly small companies, start-ups and professionals who were given the solution of an all-inclusive office, without worrying about renting office space, parking, cleaning services, municipal taxes and full facilities, including a smart conference room.

In the past two years, freelancers have also discovered the advantages of work spaces and are becoming a significant part of them. Freelancer is mainly associated with work from home, all you need is a computer, a phone and an adjacent kitchen ... Freelancer jobs are mainly used in specific fields such as journalism, advertising, graphics, technical writing, translation, consulting services, Web programming, web development, web design, internet marketing and more.

Working from home was seen as a significant advantage - saving an office rent, not having to dress in particular and working with a tracksuit or shorts and undershirt; You do not have to spend money on food outside and you can take breaks whenever you want.

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There are difficulties working from home

Many freelancers have discovered that it is actually rather difficult to work from home, especially when there are small children who are interfering with the ongoing work process - you know this when you talk to a client, the CEO of a large company, and your toddler screams in the background to get your attention so you need to apologize to the CEO, to yell at your spouse to take the child please, and if you are alone at home and you ask to talk to the client at a later date? Not all customers are forgiving, and it is doubtful whether that customer will think you are serious and would like to work with you.
Some told us that it was hard for them to work all day at home without a living soul to talk to her, when the refrigerator was too close and every few minutes they approached him and checked what was to be bitten, both the TV and the bedroom are too close and are tempted to take long breaks that harm their productivity. There is no doubt that working from home requires very high self-discipline, and not everyone has it.
Suddenly many freelancers found themselves longing for their own office outside the house - to get up in the morning, get out of their pajamas, get dressed and "go to work," work in a fertile environment and without interference and temptations that the house brings with them.

A winning combination of both worlds

The new option discovered by freelancers is, as stated, the work spaces leased in co-working spaces. This is an option that combines the two worlds - on the one hand, like home, there is no need to rent an office for all the expenses involved, the intimacy is relatively maintained, and there is a kitchenette with free coffee. On the other hand, you are "going to work", which is already a more binding position in terms of seriousness in your investment in the job; Of course, there are people around you, and not just people but professionals who can fertilize you with new ideas, cooperate with you, bring you clients, and maybe even build new projects for you.
The lack of temptations at home also makes your work more efficient and your output will be higher. The expenditure in question is relatively cheap - a work position in a work space complex is leased for several hundred shekels a month. In short, many freelancers (roughly 20% of the workstations in the common spaces are leased to freelancers) have realized that it is worth leaving home for the sake of earning a living. Many of them even succeeded in expanding their business and became a company.

The cheap is sometimes expensive

For example, Roy Almog, owner of Infonto Ltd., which markets software for recruiting employees, who rents a job in Modi'in, says: "I worked for 3 years as a freelancer from home. Plus there was no expense and all you need is a desk and a computer. But I soon discovered that my effectiveness was not good. A. The need for self-discipline is enormous. Here you want to hear news, and here you can rest. B. Working hours were limited - from the time the children were placed in kindergarten and school until they returned home. I also became a default in everything related to being with the sick children and taking them to a doctor, and performing tasks that my wife asks for. Then I found myself suddenly working at night to complete the work.
Since I've been here, it's like going to work - it's a fixed pattern. You paid - you want to get the most out, and then you come first shaved and tidy; You have your own table, there are services that save time - even wash a cup and make coffee you do not have to do yourself, and it is precious minutes. Self-discipline also increases - people around you are sitting around, so you do not feel like being idle. Working in work spaces have power multipliers that you do not think about - for example, you have the option of consulting with someone sitting next to you if your text is phrased well. You're surrounded by professionals you know and their abilities so you do not have to look for those out there. Therefore your ability to advance and promote your business is very good. Today I own a company with 5 people. I would not have been able to advance in such a way and at such a speed if I had stayed home. "

Eitan Yariv owns a boutique advertising and marketing agency called "Wow - Internet Marketing" and for several months he has been renting a job space at Offix in Rishon Letzion. At the beginning of his career, he worked with his friends from the agency in a room in his yard in Rishon Letzion. Eitan says: "It was economically convenient to work from home because we did not pay any extra taxes and there were no expenses, but it was still difficult to separate the personal and the business from the business. 
In fact, my acquaintance with OFFIX Rishon Lezion came from the time I arrived at the building where they were located to train, and a few months ago I moved the business there, and today I work out in the gym and go to work. We have a brainstorming session with other tenants who bring work to each other and contribute ideas, and the proceeds are definitely worth paying. "Today we are expanding and recruiting new employees.

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משרדי אופיקס ראשל"צ

משרדי אופיקס ראשל"צ

An atmosphere of action

Amit has been working for several months from the Offix complex in Rishon Letzion. He has a software house and he develops websites, apps and more and more. Until a few months ago, he worked from home: "It was not convenient to have people from work in my private home, there were also disturbances from the children, and disturbances from my side to the family because we worked until late," says Amit, adding, "I came to Offix to get an impression and the next day Here I enjoy industrial quiet, without pressure from home, there is an atmosphere of activity here, I met people and I made connections, and I am very pleased. "

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