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We were in the "Aggam Compound" - a quiet and homely work space in the middle of the bustle of Herzliya Pituach - in order to check what is going on in a cooperative complex designed for designers and creators

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Bottom Line

Quiet, intimate and family place. It's very suitable for designers and creators who are looking for a family greenhouse to grow alongside friends from the field at an attractive price.

So who are these?

Aggam complex is a collaborative work space established three months ago by Liat Ophir-Wittlemacher, a practical engineer by profession. As someone who comes from the field of design and creativity, Liat encounters a personal need that she decided to implement in the Aggam compound - the need for a cooperative community. In her opinion, an open and collaborative work space provides independent designers with opportunities and benefits that a large company finds it difficult to provide.Knowledge sharing and collaboration among people from a similar field, brainstorming and shared growth are just some of the examples. Liat's involvement in the community is so high that she even helps promote their personal projects and provides them with new ones. In order to encourage the business development of the members of the compound, on Fridays there are free professional lectures by experts from different design fields. In addition, professional courses are offered at a nominal fee to members of the complex. In addition, the place is personally accompanied and helps students from the relevant fields in the final project with a nominal fee.


The complex is located in Herzliya Pituach. The location was chosen because it is accessible and central and due to its proximity to many suppliers and to a design-supportive environment.

How to get there?

The Herzliya Municipality offers free shuttles from the train station to the industrial zone (including the street where the compound is located) and back. The service is provided Sunday through Thursday from the train to the industrial zone between the hours of 7:00 to 10:00 and from the industrial zone to the train between 15: 45-18: 45.For those arriving by car - there are a number of parking lots around which offer a daily price or monthly subscription. In addition, you can park in an adjacent two-hour free outlet, or look for blue-and-white parking on the street.

Activity hours

The complex is open 24/7 for tenants who receive a key. Any problem can be answered in a place or by a phone call to Liat.

What do you eat there?

There is a fully equipped kitchen in the complex, and you can find all sorts of restaurants around the complex.


The place is decorated in a clean, simple and modern style. The predominant colors are light gray and light wood, and these are illuminated by natural and pleasant lighting that comes in from the many windows. The walls are decorated with pictures and drawings that add color (and are offered for sale).


The complex is quite small and therefore characterized by an intimate, quiet and homely atmosphere.

Target audience

Architects, practical engineers and designers from all fields.

What can be found there?

The complex, which spreads over 190 square meters, contains permanent work stations in the common space and a private office, and there is a corner with a table for meetings, which includes a library with relevant materials that came from suppliers. And a fully equipped kitchen

Kitchen contents

Fridge, microwave, coffee, tea and infusions, espresso machine and water dispenser.

Rental Options

Fixed single position at a table of 4 people - NIS 950 per month + VAT.

Fixed single position at a single table - NIS 1800 per month + VAT.

Private office for two people - 2600 NIS + VAT.

A conference table for 6 people - free of charge, based on availability.


Professional assistance from the owner, relatively reasonable prices, a pleasant and quiet work environment, a central location in the business environment and restaurants.

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