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This week we visited Merkspace Karlibach work space, one of 4 Merkspace branches located in Tel Aviv (the compound is located at 10 Karlibach Street, very close to the Merkspace on 65 Begin street). The compounds were opened by Sapir Shpigel, a young entrepreneur who told us that the chain's international branch in Amsterdam would soon be opened.

Written by : Naama Yaakobi | 08-06-17 | Markspace Karlibach

Bottom Line

It does not matter if you're a big company, small company or a single worker - you're very likely to find yourself in one of the Merkspace branches. The atmosphere is very warm, luxurious and homely. You feel that there is always
someone who cares for you. its very suitable for those who are looking to work seriously outside the home and to advance with the enterprise to another level when not compromising on the comfort and atmosphere

What are we eating?

The compounds are equipped with Nespresso machines, soda stream, all kinds of hot drinks and of course all kinds of beers! Each day a water dispenser is set up with fruit. In addition there is always bread, yogurts, beers, cereals, vegetables. There is a shared breakfast, and on Thursdays there is a variable HAPPY HOUR for all the renters! 
If you decide to travel and eat outside, you will be happy to discover that the complex provides all the tenants with a RESTOPASS card that provides discounts at various restaurants and businesses in the area. The compound is surrounded by restaurants and cafes, a new mall with additional food complexes
- here you won't stay hungry.

Atmosphere and design

So you decided to go out to work outside, look for work spaces and you came to Merkspace - you could say you'd feel like you were coming home. The place creates a very pleasant and homely atmosphere,
along with its professional and serious feeling. 
You can see and feel that they thought here about every little detail. In the kitchen, for example, a table was set up especially inside the compound with authentic tiles.

So to whom the compound really fits?

The complex is basically suitable for everyone. The companies that usually rent an office in the complex are high-tech companies, small and medium-sized companies, freelancers and start-ups The fun of all is that these companies have an excellent opportunity to collaborate within and outside the Merkspace community. Members in the Merkspace community enjoy business growth, a productive work
environment and connections to industry leaders.

What can be found in the compound and how much does it cost?

The complex is spread over 980 km and has about 30 offices. You can choose whether to work quietly in your own office or prefer to sit in a common table with other people. Anyone interested in sitting at a hot desk will also find this option - about 10 seats. The complex provides all the office services you will ever need, from mail collection services, printers, super fast internet, luxurious seating areas and fully equipped meeting rooms. 
About the prices:
If you wish a spot at a hot desk you will say goodbye to 800 NIS, a fixed desk will cost you 1,200 NIS
Standard office without window 2000 NIS (per person) Office with window 2200 NIS (per person)

Where is it located and where to park?

The branch is located at 10 Karlibach Street, a very central area accessible to public transportation and private cars. 
For those arriving by car, there is an option to park in the parking lot of the Fashion Mall, located just below the branch, free of charge.

Operation hours of the complex

The complex is open 24/7 to the tenants, and the staff is in the compound between 08:00 and 18:00 (after hours of operation, the staff is available on the
phone at any time)

Markspace Karlibach
Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Public area Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach Markspace Karlibach

Internet speed

98Mb Upload
95Mb Download

The internet speed at Markspace Karlibach is faster then the average coworking spaces internet speed.
The average internet speed is 64 Mbs upload and 63 Mbs download.

* The speed test was done over the Wifi network on the 01/02/20

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