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Spaces, a co-working space purchased by international Regus, came straight from the Netherlands to Herzliya Pituah. We went to check out what a Dutch-style complex is and whether it has become similar to Regus other Riggs branches across the country.

Written by : Spacing | 18-05-17 | Spaces Herzliya

Bottom Line

Spaces places great emphasis on the community's activities and offers exceptional projects and activities that provide added value to all those young and emerging streptists.
The work space is made up of a more mature population, less suitable for those looking for young guys. Also, a busy area for arrival by car.

A work space that comes directly from the Netherlands - SPACES

Spaces is a collaborative work space established by a Dutch brand and acquired by REGUS Group about two and a half years ago. He is currently part of the IWG International workspace group. Their first complex was established in Amsterdam in 2008 and recently (January), its first branch in Israel was established in Herzliya Pituach, a high-tech core, on the ground floor under Apple Israel. Spaces and Regus are spread globally across 120 countries and over 900 cities.
Today they have over 3000 complexes and 2.3 million customers worldwide. The next Regus complex to be opened soon will be built in Iran. The complex houses 37 companies today such as: KPMG, CAR TO GO, PITANGO UX, AMAZON.

Spaces - Community, Community, Community!

Spaces was first established in the Netherlands on the basis of the values ​​of a community on which all its activities and goals are based. 
The emphasis is on the one hand to create a balance between life and work, which is reflected in a variety of activities that it initiates in order to create
a homey atmosphere: running groups,morning yoga, life style events and Happy Hours. 
On the other hand, to provide community support in the business sense: Meet-ups, cooperations, events and activities in the field that provide value to the business and help small businesses grow and succeed.

Culture and target audience

Although Spaces is part of Regus, it is distinct from the target audience it faces. While Regus offers a work environment for business people at a more advanced stage, for companies and large clients, and designed as private offices tailored to this target audience, Spaces offers a work environment for young startups, small business owners and companies with up to 20 employees and suitable for those looking for networking and community. It should also be noted that its prices are lower than Regus. 
One of the things that sets Spaces apart is a joint venture of Equity x, called the "Open Feedback Community." Its goal is to provide an informal meeting of about 30 to 40 minutes between start-ups and mentors who may assist them in the emerging dilemmas. It should be noted that the mentors do this on a voluntary basis for the community. Spaces also participates in competitions of young start-ups and has recently provided two awards to the winners-an office for six months at no cost.
For photos of the event:

What's in the complex?

One of the most difficult things to miss in the complex is the café, which is located in the open-space, and contributes to the homey atmosphere. 
The café offers coffee, sandwiches and other snacks and is very convenient
for those who are looking for something accessible and available. The cafe is paid but at attractive prices.
There is also a kitchenette with soft drinks, coffee and tea, a refrigerator, a microwave and popcorn.
The complex includes bathrooms and showers, billard room, table games and playing cards.

Design and atmosphere

The complex is inspired by its Dutch roots, what seems to be a guideline in all of Regus's and Spaces' compounds. Scandinavian and quite luxurious design, with wooden elements in every corner and special personal sofas that come with small tables for laying the coffee cup.
The atmosphere in the complex is warm and homely, quiet music plays in the background in the open-space, all of which enable a quiet, pleasant and effective work environment for the employees.

Stations and prices

The entire complex has a total of 198 workstations, 57 of which are private offices, and there are 3 meeting rooms serving both tenants and outside customers. Each customer has access to the meeting room for two hours a day.
The complex offers rooms ranging from one person to 18 people and the pricing is according to the offices:
Office for 2 people: 3500 NIS
Office for 5 people: 6500 NIS
Office for 18 people: 18000 NIS
Open-space position: NIS 1099 - NIS 1200.

How to get there?

The complex is located in Herzliya Pituah, 64 Medinat HaYehudim Street. For those arriving by train, there is a 10-minute walk to the complex. In the area, there are usually traffic jams, especially at the Sira interchange. There is parking in the compound at a relatively low cost to the customers of the complex.

Spaces Herzliya
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