Hazlahot Center

Merkaz Tzahar, Rosh Pina, North, Israel
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Hazlahot Center Hazlahot Center Hazlahot Center Hazlahot Center Hazlahot Center Hazlahot Center

About Hazlahot Center

At Merkaz HaHatzlachot you will find various work spaces for work meetings, trainings, conferences and offices. The training rooms are equipped with a screen projector, smart TV, erasing boards and audio systems. There is a rich café bar and refreshments. The offices in the complex include basic furniture, connection to the existing network, a snack bar, a kitchenette, and a spacious lobby. No management fees, free use of meeting rooms based on availability
And a special discount for renting the various training rooms. The place is located near the Rosh Pina Airport and there is always ample parking. You can also enjoy temporary exhibitions by local artists, who present at the Merkaz HaHatzlachot
Behind the need to establish offices themselves, the understanding has grown that business development is flourishing within an atmosphere of business cooperation and the creation of extensive business opportunities.

The kitchen includes coffee, cookies and fruit on request

Space types and prices

Large training hall

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪120/hour
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Huge training room

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪140/hour
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Hourly office

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪35/hour
More details>

A selection of permanent offices

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪800/hour
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Small meeting room

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪40/hour
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Large meeting room

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From ₪90/hour
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  • ‏Close to train station
  • ‏Close to bus station
  • ‏Free parking
  • ‏Dog-friendly
  • ‏Mentors meetings
  • ‏Happy hour
  • ‏Soft drinks
  • ‏Beer
  • ‏Snacks
  • ‏Wifi
  • ‏Printing services
  • ‏Staff
  • ‏Showers
  • ‏Open on saturday
  • ‏Open on friday
  • ‏Open 24/7
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  • ‏Gym
  • ‏Swimming pool
  • ‏Sport classes
  • ‏No commitment
  • ‏1 day min.
  • ‏1 week min.
  • ‏1 month min.
  • ‏2 months min.
  • ‏City residents only
  • ‏Designers only
  • ‏Requires a screening Interview
  • ‏Social ventures only
  • ‏Technological ventures only
  • ‏Worldwide access

Map of the area

Where to eat

Emburger is a meat and seafood restaurant where you will find lamb dishes, burgers with a selection of toppings, seafood and fish, pastas, vegetarian dishes and more
דוריס קצבים
דוריס קצבים
A restaurant bar that combines a butcher shop and offers a wide variety of meats
A well-known coffee shop chain in the north that offers breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, pastas, stews and more

About Hazlahot Center

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The business center was established by Yael Levi - a pension agent and retirement planner, and Gilad Tzur - CEO of Masa and Matan and owner of a partner in Escape Rooms


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Opening hours

The complex is open from Sunday to Friday from 8:00 to 22:00 and the staff is between 8:00 and 15:00.

Opening hours
Staff hours
Monday 08:00 - 22:0008:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 22:0008:00 - 15:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 22:0008:00 - 15:00
Thursday 08:00 - 22:0008:00 - 15:00
Friday 08:00 - 22:0008:00 - 15:00
Saturday 08:00 - 22:0008:00 - 15:00
Sunday Without


The center is located in the Tzahar Center in Rosh Pina


Line number 63 passes through the Tahar Center


The train station in Acre is over 50 kilometers from the center, but you can take line number 500 from the station to the center

Private car

From Highway 90 turn onto Highway 8677 and from there enter the center. Roads 89 and 91 also connect to Road 90 in the Tzahar Center area


Free parking in the center


No bicycle rental station in the area is known

Estimate arrival time by car (Waze)

19 PM18 PM9 AM8 AM
Kfar Saba
98 min 102 min 90 min 90 min
Rishon West
90 min 92 min 83 min 83 min
Petah Tikva
93 min 96 min 85 min 84 min
Kiryat Ono
92 min 96 min 86 min 85 min
Tel Aviv North
98 min 102 min 90 min 90 min

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Sharon Druker
מקום שהוא בית. אנשים מקסימים, מקצועיים, נוחות מירבית. צוות שירותי מאוד, זמין, קשוב ומדוייק. גמישות, אמצעים טכניים ברמה גבוהה, המקום מתוחזק היטב, נעים ונקי. כל מה שאתה רוצה וצריך שיהיה לך בסטודיו שאתה שוכר. ממליצה בחום רב
Maya Seles
המרכז להצלחות- מקום מושלם לקיום פגישות עסקיות, ישיבות ומפגשים. אווירה נעימה, מקום מאורגן ויפה, שירות מעולה. תורם למיצוב העסק שלכם. ממליצה בחום.
Ruti Shdema Dayan
חברת אפוסתרפיה מזה תקופה מגיעה אחת לחודש למרכז להצלחות ובכל פעם קיבלנו מענה מהיר ועזרה בכל דבר שהיינו צריכים. המקום מסודר ומאורגן לפי רצוננו ואנו שמחים להגיע ולהיות חלק מהמקום.

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