Five best co-working spaces in Tel Aviv

It is hard to remain indifferent to the wave of work spaces opening in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv. The amazing supply and abundance only increase the challenge of finding the right space for you. But still among all the work spaces there are five prominent and most wanted - we brought them to you in the next article

Writen by : Spacing | 21-08-17

Mindspace - Rothschild 45

The complex is located at the most strategic and sought after location in Tel Aviv. In the middle of Rothschild Boulevard - the core of Tel Aviv's business, among the leading restaurants and bars, and most importantly - in Israel's most growing start-up area today. The complex is full of companies, creating a lot of opportunities for developing new business relationships. The friends who come here and in general to the co-working spaces are entrepreneurs who understand that it's fun to work at home but it does not compare to working in an environment that makes you want to work harder and better, especially in a very pleasant and addictive energy. That's exactly what happens in Mindspace. The complex has recently grown to an additional floor in the building where it is located. The chain also operates compounds in the world, in Berlin and soon in Poland.
You will find here a fine innovative design, which makes you want to locate the designer and ask him for some of his talent. A perfect combination of a shared work space, which produces lots of private spaces. Fun together, as well as alone, A little reminiscent of a high-class entertainment place. Here, too, you will find a fully equipped gym designed for renters only, many restaurants on the street and of course mentoring services, lectures and entertainment evenings produced by the community management for the benefit of the members.

In summary: perfect location, jaw-dropping design, Manhattan is here.


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WeWork Sarona - Aluf Kalman Magen 3

This beautiful complex is appetizing. It is spread across the entire third floor of the Sarona Market (3,800 sq.m.) and is highly sought after due to its location - above a colorful food market and a few minutes walk from the beating heart of Tel Aviv on one side and the Shalom train station on the other. The complex is suitable for any individual, company or group and is characterized by many small companies and start-ups. 
The level of accessories is high as is the case with all WeWork branche. There are two kitchens on the same floor, which were set up to prevent congestion in the afternoon, pampering meeting rooms for one on one (or more) meetings, nursing rooms, enlightening meetings, happy hours, discounts at restaurants, etc. If you are global, then of course, once you have joined WeWork, you are allowed to enter other compounds in Israel and abroad, as passwords and entry cards open and work with them all.

* Currently there is a waiting list of at 6 months for a private office.


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SOSA - Shoken 13

SOSA, not many know is actually: South of Salame, take-off on Soho.
SOSA was founded by the leading venture capital funds in Israel, as part of the accompaniment of the
start-up community, until the exit. Located in south Tel Aviv, in a quiet area in a beautiful vintage
industrial area,the complex provides all the needs of the tenant including office, meeting rooms, high speed
internet and more.
The high demand for the place comes from SOSA's support for its tenants, which includes business
content and business development activities, consulting and mentoring for startups to grow, receive
financing and investments. In addition to this, once you have rented an area in SOSA, you will join an
exclusive membership club, which includes the largest investors, funds, companies and strategists, creating
a mixed quality community that drives global innovation forward.
In addition, SOSA made sure to remove one important concern from your heart - what you eat today. According
to the standards of SOSA the kitchen provides healthy meals with fresh and quality products, and of course
includes lunch according to a changing menu.

In conclusion: If you are an entrepreneur with a dream to reach the gong on NASDAQ, this is the perfect place for you.


Merkspace - Karlibach 10

The complex is located in one of the most strategic areas in Tel Aviv, close to another branch of the same chain. Between them is Gindi's new fashion mall, which allows free parking for all renters. The choice and the great demand for the place come from the compensation received by the tenants, the community managers at the space are giving the maximum possible to help businesses grow there. Here you will find a meeting of mentors, trips abroad, lectures, etc. The complex serves as an accelerator for new entrepreneurs - when you can find lots of companies that have expanded and grown. If you want a more northern area of ​​the same chain, you can choose another space of Merkspace in Ramat Hahayal, or Amsterdam.

In conclusion: entrepreneurs and start-ups who intend to succeed, and want to get used to the East Village today.

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Ayeka - Elifelet 26

The Florentine complex opened this year and has already positioned itself as one of the most sought-after workplaces in Tel Aviv. Although the neighbors are hipsters, Ayeka's target audience is high-tech and young companies, but not only. The complex covers 1,800 square meters, including open spaces, personal offices and meeting rooms. but these are the only dry reasons that make so many people talk about Ayeka. The uniqueness begins with the complex offering photography studio, a recording studio and a screening room, and the one who steals the show- big time- is the pool that is in the building and is offered for use by tenants in the complex. In addition to the pool you will also find a fully equipped gym. So you can really apply the phrase: work hard - play hard.

The complex is located in south Tel Aviv in the colorful Florentine neighborhood, in a very accessible area for public and private transportation, and especially enjoys the magical vibe in the most beautiful south of Tel Aviv.

In conclusion: Ayeka, the most addictive work space in Tel Aviv.

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