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About WeWork Dubnov

The Dubnov workspace houses all four floors of a preserved building that once served as the main management of Bnei Akiva and a synagogue, and the architects decided to preserve the features. The office space has huge windows, a mezzanine, and panoramic city views.
The joint work area in Dubnov creates a relaxed and professional environment that encourages cross-company cooperation.
There are many quiet areas and many corners where you can host personal meetings. Other areas such as the ground floor back porch are places where you can have occasional conversations on a cup of coffee or other meetings in a relaxed atmosphere.
In addition to this, Dubnov complex is unique thanks to the presence of a room for mothers who also allow mothers among us to work in an environment that allows children to be cared for. There is also a room for events, an outdoor seating area and showers for the benefit of WeWork customers.
Dubnov offices are similar to the other WorkWork branches- have a dog-friendly policy, so that every employee can work calmly with his furry friend sitting next to him.
The location of the offices is very accessible - about five minutes from the train station and from Netivei Ayalon.

In the kitchen you can find a coffee machine, microwave, refrigerator, refreshing fruit water, various beers, tables and comfortable seating areas for lunch / dinner.

The public spaces are very diverse. In the compound next to the private rooms are seating areas for large / small groups, personal telephone booths, couches and other designed areas that create a pleasant and quiet environment of a neighborhood café in contrast to the gray offices we have been accustomed to seeing.


  • ‏Close to train station
  • ‏Close to bus station
  • ‏Free parking
  • ‏Dog-friendly
  • ‏Mentors meetings
  • ‏Happy hour
  • ‏Soft drinks
  • ‏Beer
  • ‏Snacks
  • ‏Wifi
  • ‏Printing services
  • ‏Staff
  • ‏Showers
  • ‏Open on saturday
  • ‏Open on friday
  • ‏Open 24/7
Show more
  • ‏Gym
  • ‏Swimming pool
  • ‏Sport classes
  • ‏No commitment
  • ‏1 day min.
  • ‏1 week min.
  • ‏1 month min.
  • ‏2 months min.
  • ‏City residents only
  • ‏Designers only
  • ‏Requires a screening Interview
  • ‏Social ventures only
  • ‏Technological ventures only
  • ‏Worldwide access

Map of the area

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Some of the companies in the complex

The company offers a wide range of personal testing products to help people recognize themselves and match with others (whether its for dating or finding partners).
Juccy is an on-line shopping platform that aims to bring together artists and designers, and a wide variety of buyers, all in a slightly different way.
An application that enables scanning of the body in 3D and tracing changes in the user's body.
Design studio - in many areas of design: digital, user experience, web design, product design and more.
Shedon Studio experts in user experience, graphic design, branding, visual marketing
Tunity allows users to listen to TV through their mobile device. Users just need to scan the TV and Tunity will detect the channel and synchronize audio.

Where to eat

Nearby are a selection of restaurants and cafes, including Alternative, Dubnov 8, Burger Factory, Chop Chop, Indira and Karnaf.

Alternative offers a dairy menu, rich, healthy, and varied - and Kosher Lemehadrin. The kitchen includes breakfasts, sandwiches, fish, focaccias and pizzas - all fresh
Dubnov 8
Dubnov 8
Dubnov 8 is a bistro-bar restaurant.
In the morning, the menu includes breakfast and throughout the day it includes opening dishes, pastas, meats, fish and desserts.
Burger factory express
Burger factory express
in Burger Factory Express the hamburgers are made from a kosher angus fidelot meat from Uruguay.
There are a variety of extras for the topping and the lunch dishes include Belgian fries, onions and a pint of soda
Chop Chop
Chop Chop
Noodles Bar, offering custom-made dish. Choose the type of noodles / rice, sauce, meat / vegan and vegetable additions.
All the noodles are vegan and most of the sauces are too.
An Indian restaurant where you can find traditional indian food menu, an all-you-can-eat menu or vegan dishes.
Karnaf - fast, fresh, tasty and healthy meaty food, or in other words: entrecote in five minutes.

About WeWork

Branches amount - (14)
Reviews - (26)  

Founded in 2010 by Adam Neuman and Miguel McCloy, WeWork provides entrepreneurs, independents, start-ups, small companies and even divisions of large corporations with the opportunity to connect them in exceptional work areas. WeWork offices are well equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and services, giving its members a convenient and luxurious working environment where they can enjoy printing services, meeting rooms and conference calls, high speed Internet, restrooms, fully equipped kitchens, private telephone booths, coffee and beer. In addition to companies in the physical space, WeWork also provides access to digital companies - through access to an internal network application with over 60,000 community members around the world, and free access to each of the WeWork domains worldwide on demand.
Each WeWork area is full of community leaders working directly with community members to understand their business needs, obstacles, plans, and growth. Community leaders help connect members of the community and create collaborations. Weekly events and special activities are organized to promote mutual acquaintance and mutual inspiration in order to strengthen the community.
We work has 425+ locations across 27 countries and 100 cities. As of today, the worldwide company has 10 locations in Israel.


Naama (24/08/17)

The best Wewok in Israel.
excellent staff and very good vibe!

Ofir (13/04/17)

The rental includes all the things needed for work (tables, air conditioning, kitchen, coffee, beer etc.) The great advantage, the environment of people around the world who are engaged in similar fields and can help and advice, a wide variety of lectures every two times there. There is a wonderful roof with cool events that are organized there from time to time.

Great community. Lectures. Cool roof


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Opening hours

The compound is open 24/7
The staff is on location Sun-Thurs between 9AM-6PM

Opening hours
Staff hours
Monday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Friday 24 hours09:00 - 18:00
Saturday 24 hoursWithout
Sunday 24 hoursWithout


The WorkWork Complex in Dubandov is centrally located accessible by private vehicle and public transport.


To get to the work area in Duvdanov, you have to get off at the London Minister / King Saul King or Kaplan / Maj. Mendler bus stops and from there take 3-8 minutes to reach the destination. There are many bus lines stopping at these stations, including: 56, 126, 26, 289, 189, 38, 14, 149, 349, 347, 282, 278, 249, 248, 82


Arriving at the train, get off at the Peace Train Station and exit one of the lines: 56, 239, 21 (stop at London Ministries / King Saul King or Kaplan / Maj. Mendler) and from there to 3-8 min walk. You can also walk directly from the train station to the complex, a 15-minute walk - 1.2 km.

Private car

Getting to the vehicle in a very simple area, parking is a good fit for the center of Tel Aviv. The shortest route is via Ayalon lanes, exit at the Peace Interchange right onto Ammunition Hill Street, continue straight onto Eliezer Kaplan Street, right to Leonardo da Vinci Street, left onto King Saul Boulevard and immediately left onto Dubandov Street.


There are at least 6 parking spaces in the area, including: Canary parking lot, Ahuzat Beach parking lot, Dubandov parking lot, Daniel Frisch parking lot. Prices in parking lots in the region range from NIS 800-900 for a monthly subscription and around NIS 70 for daily admission.


There is a possibility to store and keep bicycles in place. In addition, there is a green bicycle rental station near the office complex.

Estimate arrival time by car (Waze)

19 PM18 PM9 AM8 AM
Kfar Saba
30 min 38 min 40 min 52 min
Rishon West
42 min 54 min 46 min 56 min
Petah Tikva
26 min 31 min 40 min 44 min
Kiryat Ono
25 min 28 min 42 min 47 min
Tel Aviv North
16 min 18 min 21 min 20 min

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Benifits and cooperations



Free registration, 3 month free subscription and more

Benji Singer

Benji Singer

The CEO who founded the local operations of the real estate brand Startup Way Work. Prior to taking office, Benji served as CEO of Coffee Joe’s.



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10% off laundry and dry cleaning in my laundry

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon and Workbook Startups Provide Up to $ 5,000 in Amazon's Cloud Services



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Simple Habit

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$ 50 for each Slack media channel user

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Ronnie Rozenberg Ceder
WeWork Dubnov נפתח ב -1 בדצמבר! בוא לבחור את שטח המשרדים החדש שלך והצטרף לקהילה הגלובלית שלנו!
Ionela Titirez
מקום מדהים, סביבה יצירתית מעוררת השראה. מיצבים אמנותיים אהבו במיוחד וכמובן מרפסת הגג!
Danny Kaplan
הבית של #enty4six תל אביב. Vibe נהדר, אנשים חכמים, המון הזדמנות! נתראה בטיול הבא שלי לת"א, 4 / 28-5 / 10.

Google Reviews

Reviews score 4.5 / 5

Dheeraj Kapoor

Best wework office I have visited so far.

Eli Carmon

Best Microsoft office

Yossi L

Great location. Lots of light, nice staff and quiet spots. Roof is great for afternoon beer.

Yahu b

This complex is amazing unfortunately Microsoft have taken over the lease for the whole building but the people there are very professional, and I have not been to the other properties but I can assume they will be of the same standard as they are in great central locations and offer the same service and amenities as I was advised

Ey Ko

trendy. Not really a working place. Just for occational meetings.

Nevaeh Kapoor

Best wework office I have visited so far.

Kapoor D

Best wework office I have visited so far.

Ilan Adler

I went to a meetup here at the Microsoft reactor. Seems pretty standard fare for a co-working space, with all of the usual amenities and what you would expect to find at a place like this. It does have a fantastic location though.

Erez R. Mizrachi

good central location. back to back with the Ibn gvirol WeWork. Great bug rooftop for events and just chilling from the office space.

Omer Reznik

Tap beer and beautiful terrace

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On our 9th anniversary, we’re celebrating the qualities of our company and the members that make up the core of our… https://t.co/bXHQxl8DRYTue Feb 26 18:11:24 +0000 2019
Today, we celebrate our 9th birthday. 💫 To the pioneers, dreamers, and inventors who fill these walls every day—her… https://t.co/5T89L9LE5mTue Feb 26 17:35:50 +0000 2019
One of our WeWork community managers shows us how to help cancer patients in four easy steps. #WorldCancerDay https://t.co/VwCn1SVnI8Mon Feb 04 15:53:21 +0000 2019
Mazal tov and welcome to our new members in #ToHa 🎉 #wearewework #weworkisrael https://t.co/UR0hRfZaEySun Feb 03 15:58:36 +0000 2019
We asked our Community team to spell out "WeWork ISR ♥️" using ecological materials. The result is awesome.… https://t.co/GfR4T9dSRWMon Jan 28 14:42:57 +0000 2019

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