SPACING Takes the Big Apple!

United Kingdom? Check. Israel? Check. Poland? Check. Chile? Check. Since there has been a sensational growth of coworking and flexible spaces in 2017 in the US market, we have decided that our next destination will be The Big Apple. Our site now features co-working spaces and shared offices in New York. Finding the perfect office to work from in NYC has never been easier. Each listing showcases photos, pricing, contact details, maps, nearby restaurants, amenities, unique features, reviews and more.

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We have made your job even easier, and gathered for you the top 5 coworking spaces to work from in New York City.

WeWork Bryant Park

WeWork's Bryant Park spreads across 11 floors in a neoclassical gem dating from 1902. This New York office space attracts a wide range of businesses, from fashion and design to finance and investment banking.  The compound has a grand entrance, from the handsome lobby; a wrought iron staircase sweeps you up to the elegant event space with a coffered ceiling and towering windows overlooking one of the city’s most popular parks.

The Yard – Lincoln Square

The Yard's Lincoln Square location gives members access to a beautiful, collaborative work environment in the central hub of the upper West Side.  The workspace features two floors of private and shared workspaces, spacious conference rooms and lounges. This upscale location has everything you need to grow your business, entertain clients and connect with like-minded professionals.

Regus – 1250 Broadway

Regus 1250 Broadway business center is located within a modernist skyscraper in Manhattan's fashionable NoMad neighborhood, home to many dynamic businesses. 1250 Broadway's upscale appeal is the reason why it's such a popular business hub. With a prestigious work environment, a central and easy to get to location – it is the perfect place to grow your business.

The Farm - Soho

The Farm Soho features a unique organic designed interior, supportive community and incredible location in the heart of SoHo NYC. The space attracts designers, developers, social change agents, artists, though-leaders and entrepreneurs that have converged to share ideas, innovate, and learn in a collaborative and nurturing environment.

Primary – 26 Broadway

Primary 26 Broadway is a coworking space that runs by the belief that wellness comes first – hence, healthy people are better workers. The space features a communal workspace, private offices, an onsite café and a 600-square-foot fitness studio, which hosts multiple functional fitness, yoga and guided meditation classes throughout the day (All members receive complimentary classes and meditation as a benefit to membership).  

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6 דרכים להיות יעילים יותר בזמן העבודה

6 דרכים להיות יעילים יותר בזמן העבודה

לא משנה היכן סביבת העבודה שלכם ממוקמת – אם זה בבית, במשרד, או בחלל עבודה משותף, זה נפוץ להיות חשופים למגוון הסחות דעת שעשויות לשבש את שיגרת העבודה. ישנם כמה טכניקות והרגלים היכולים לעזור לכם להישאר על המסלול, למרות הסחות הדעת, ולהיות יעילים ומרוכזים יותר בזמן העבודה.

4 טרנדים העשויים להגדיר את תעשיית חללי העבודה הגמישים בשנת 2019

4 טרנדים העשויים להגדיר את תעשיית חללי העבודה הגמישים בשנת 2019

בשנת 2018, שוק חללי העבודה הגמישים בבריטניה התרחב וניהיה מגוון משגשג. האם אנו יכולים לצפות לאותה רמת צמיחה גם בשנת 2019? או שגורמים חיצוניים ינסו לעכב את הצמיחה?